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An alternative way of travelling!

Have you ever wanted to travel to see animals in their natural habitat? Our projects give you the opportunity to learn from and contribute to the work of animal conservation professionals. As one of our eco-volunteers, you will contribute to the preservation and conservation of different animal species, including lions, elephants, rhinos and more.

Destination Nature is an organization working for preservation of the environment, and especially for the conservation of animal diversity. Our eco-volunteering programs are not involved in any animal trafficking (canned hunts, sales etc.). Read More


We offer you the opportunity to participate to an eco-volunteer mission.

-10% discount offered until December 23rd! 

This option is dedicated to those who wish to go in groups: 8 people minimum. This personalized option is made for closed groups, schools, associations etc.

One program free, with 10 persons booked. 

This program is open to any person currently in or having completed veterinary studies.