About Destination Nature

Our organization works for the preservation of the environment, especially for the conservation of animal species diversity.

Destination Nature was born after the owner’s eco-volunteering mission in South Africa. It offered observation of and working with the Big 5 (lions, elephants, rhinoceros, leopards & buffalo). This extraordinary experience made us realize how important the conservation of wildlife is.

Therefore, we wish to act in favor of the development of an eco-responsible tourism, but also, be active in the preservation of the world fauna. In addition, we want to offer travelers the opportunity to make a trip that gets off the beaten track and go on a journey rich in discovery.

Passionate about animals, we believe that eco-volunteering offers the best way to observe animals, through field missions with wild animals in their natural environment.

destination nature founder

Eco-volunteering is an opportunity to discover while taking action toward the conservation of our biodiversity, at whatever level you can contribute at. Today, every act counts.

The projects in which I participated, whether with African animals or cetaceans from the Strait of Gibraltar, allowed me to share the life of scientists, but also to observe animals in their natural environment while contributing to the conservation of nature.

I’ve founded Destination Nature to offer to the people like me, the possibility of contributing through their journey, and to learn and marvel at the beauty of nature.



Why choose us?

Travelling with Destination Nature means choosing quality and professionalism. We select our programs doing after extensive research, verifying that the organization is not involved in any animal trafficking (hunting, sales etc.). All the eco-volunteering projects offered have been previously tested by our team. We have already worked there as a volunteer, and saw that the organization meets all the ethical requirements and has high standards for the treatment of animals.

The factors in our selection criteria are the goals of the project as a whole, its impact on the conservation of fauna and flora, its work in relation with local populations, and/or the accommodation and other services provided to our eco-volunteers.

What support do we offer?

From the first contact to the end of your eco-volunteering trip, you are supported by our services and we make sure to answer all your questions.

We do not act as a booking agent for flight needs and requirements, but will gladly assist you to find the best option possible to fly into South Africa. In addition, you will receive a complete guide containing all the information you need to know before starting your eco-volunteering.

You are free to contact us during your stay and in any case, we will contact you afterwards to get your opinion about the program.